YuppTV Bags Exclusive Internet Rights For ICC Champions Trophy

That time of the year when all focus shifts onto Cricket’s second best tournament namely the ICC champions trophy is nigh. With the participating teams set to lock horns in the battle of the titans, the hype for the games has largely increased.

The big question in all the die-hard and the newbie cricket fans is whether or not they will be able to follow the proceedings of this auspicious tournament. YuppTV has nothing less of good news to all the cricket fans in Canada and Europe.

YuppTV and Exclusive Internet Broadcasting Rights

YuppTV is one of the major television networks in South Asia which focuses on a wide range of fields from movies, music and the most important sports in this case. An internet based TV station that aims at dissemination of information far and wide.

Cricket being a sport of class not only in India but also in other parts of the world, this television network has sort to address that accordingly. Hence, it’s venturing into the European and Canadian viewership spheres by attaining the Exclusive Internet Rights for Broadcasting ICC Champions Trophy 2017 live in Canada and Europe.

Devices to use

So how exactly can one be able to take advantage this move and watch this anticipated tournament on YuppTV? Well the answer is quite simple; the prospective viewers are required to download the YuppTV application free of charge. Installation of this application on the device being used follows next.

The YuppTV application can be used on several devices which are common among television users in the world. Normal television sets from LG, Samsung, Apple TV, Hisense and the likes can be used. The YuppTV application can also be used in iPads and tablets if the devices have internet access.

This means that exquisite cricket action has been brought closer to the Canadian and European fans. YuppTV will provide viewers with real-time streaming of the matches through its live-TV option. In the event one misses out on a match they can always make use of YuppTV’s the Catchup-TV option, either way there is a guarantee that fans can watch this hugely anticipated cricket tournament from the comfort of their devices of choice.


This move is largely advantageous to the viewers in the afore mentioned nations as they will have a good opportunity to watch their national teams playing the champions trophy live on YuppTV and build on their national sporting heritage. It is crystal clear that attainment of broadcasting rights by YuppTV is a huge step in the positive direction from a fan’s and also TV business point of view. Watch IND vs SA Highlights